Visualize cruising around in your Tamar houseboat, fishing, sun bathing with the occasional dip in the water to refresh all day surrounded by Lake Temagami's rugged shoreline. Or touring and exploring the lake's many interesting islands and coves via an extremely manoeuvrable watercraft. The perspective of Temagami's incredible scenery from a houseboat is one you won't forget. Traffic on the lake is minimal, especially on the South Arm, allowing you to enjoy your houseboat vacation in peace. As well, an instruction manual on standard operating procedures is provided. All areas of the lake are not available by marine band radio. Bring or rent other means of marine transport and 12v cell phone charger in case of emergencies.

All houseboats are equipped with marine band radios for weather updates, allowing contact directly with Tamar staff in the event that you require assistance. Viewing Deck for anchoring. 3 piece bathroom hot and cold running water. Pillows and sheets provided. Bring sleeping bag. Opening concept houseboat.

One of the great benefits of being on the water in a houseboat is that it allows you the opportunity to have numerous wildlife sightings such as the moose that spend much of their time in the water feeding. Take your family or friends on a trip they won't forget!